In Flames come full circle


In Flames will film two of their upcoming gigs in Sweden for a DVD release.

The live shows take place in Stockholm on November 6 and Gothenburg on November 7 – and frontman Anders Friden reveals they’re recording in their homeland as they want to give something back to fans and say performing in the country is like “coming full circle.”

He tells Dearly Demented: “Gothenburg is the biggest show on the tour and it’s in our home country. The city has given us a lot through the years and we would like to give something back and document where we started. It’s like coming full circle.”

The band released 11th album Siren Charms in September after inking a deal with Sony and Friden says returning guitarist Niclas Engelin brought “good vibes” to the recording process – but insisted he and guitarist Bjorn Gelotte still wrote the music.

He continues: “He has an influence being the person that he is. He brought in a lot of good vibes and great energy into the band. He hasn’t been writing any music – it’s still Bjorn and me. But he’s been recording and playing on the album and he has a certain style and a certain way of picking which differs from Bjorn’s – that obviously had an impact on the album and the way it turned out.”

Engelin has had multiple stints in the band but became a full-time member when he replaced former axeman Jesper Stromblad. At the time Stromblad said he was leaving to fight his demons, but recently revealed his problems with alcohol only played a small part in his decision to quit.