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Ihsahn goes 'classic' for 6th solo work

Ihsahn has reported he’ll release his sixth solo album early next year – and it’ll be based on a “more classic vibe” than its predecessor.

The Norwegian multi-instrumentalist says he has finished writing the follow-up to 2013’s Das Seelenbrechen and he’s used some of the work that didn’t make its final cut.

Isahn tells Eternal Terror: “There are a few themes that were not leftovers, but things that I wrote in the period when I did Das Seelenbrechen, but that did not fit.”

But The Emperor frontman adds that fans should expect something very different with his next outing.

He says: “Whereas the previous album was this total freeform, mental-trip kind of thing, this new album is much more focused on the rhythmical aspects, good choruses and, not necessarily technical, but really cool guitar riffs.

“At least that’s the intention — to focus on a more classic vibe.”

Emperor last year celebrated their 20th anniversary with a run of 20 shows, and Ihsahn later said there were no more gigs planned. He plays the Bloodstock festival’s Ronnie James Dio Stage on August 7.