No more Emperor shows planned, says Ihsahn

Emperor frontman Ihsahn says there are no further plans for reunion shows – and that they tried hard to resist the temptation of big money offers and easy nostalgia trips.

Instead, the Norwegian outfit tried to stick to the point they wanted to make in 20 shows that marked the 20th anniversary of debut album In The Nightside Eclipse. And now that’s been achieved, there’s nothing else on the cards at the moment.

Ihsahn tells Scuzz TV: “I didn’t want to do the same thing over again and keep reuniting. The focus is not just nostalgia. But In The Nightside Eclipse was kind of our starting point, so it’s a big deal.

“The main goal was to keep it very limited and not get greedy. Obviously there’s quite a lot of money involved. Before we even booked one show we said, ‘Let’s not repeat what we did before. This is a celebration for us and those who have a relationship with that album. Make the most of it, but keep it limited.’”

He explains that they avoided a large-scale production because the spirit of their first record was DIY. “I said, ‘Let’s keep it simple. This is not rocket science.’ When I travel with my solo stuff, that’s where I need a lot of crew.”

The result was a relaxed environment that everyone could enjoy. “Everybody knows what they’re doing, then it’s the end, it’s all good and it’s finished.”

Ihsahn was also keen to ensure an Emperor reunion didn’t suggest he wasn’t focused on his solo career. “I’ve been very conscious about the way to communicate that I’m still trying my best with my own material,” he says. “I don’t want give the message that it’s second rate.”

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