How to get hold of the new issue of Prog Magazine

(Image credit: Future)

The new issue of Prog is now on sale. It's got Genesis on the cover, and includes great features with Strawbs, Ayreon, Mike Oldfield, Magma, Green Carnation, Hexvessel, Toundra and loads more...

As we're all under lockdown we've come up with this guide to help point you in the right direction so you don't miss out on your copy of Prog while Covid-19 restrictions remain in place

* Prog is on sale in the UK in shops that remain open such as supermarkets and newsagents.

* The easiest option for everyone would be to go digital. You can subscribe digitally from just £1.78 an issue. And also from the Apple Store, from Zinio and all manner of digital magazine retailers.

* Single print issues of Prog can be purchased online from MyFavouriteMagazines and also Burning Shed. MFM will be holding more stock than usual during lockdown.

* Subscriptions. Please note that we are not accepting new orders on print and bundle subscriptions outside of the UK due to Covid-19 logistical issues. We hope to be able to offer this again soon. Please check for details. Single issue magazine orders are not affected by this. UK subscriptions available here.

The postal services in the UK is working, although affected by some inevitable delays.

Jerry Ewing

Writer and broadcaster Jerry Ewing is the Editor of Prog Magazine which he founded for Future Publishing in 2009. He grew up in Sydney and began his writing career in London for Metal Forces magazine in 1989. He has since written for Metal Hammer, Maxim, Vox, Stuff and Bizarre magazines, among others. He created and edited Classic Rock Magazine for Dennis Publishing in 1998 and is the author of a variety of books on both music and sport, including Wonderous Stories; A Journey Through The Landscape Of Progressive Rock.