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How and where to buy the new issue of Prog Magazine

PROG 108
(Image credit: Future)

The new issue of Prog is now on sale. It's got Emerson Lake & Palmer on the cover, and includes great features with Nick Mason, Alan Parsons Project, Trevor Rabin, Pure Reason Revolution, Katatonia, Nightwish, Clannad and loads more...

As we're all under lockdown we've come up with this guide to help point you in the right direction so you don't miss out on your copy of Prog while Covid-19 restrictions remain in place.

* Go digital. The easiest option for everyone would be to get the digital edition of ProgThere is currently a great 5 issues of £5/€5/$5 deal. You can also buy single digital issues from us, from the Apple Store, from Zinio and all manner of digital magazine retailers. Single digital issues are also available.

* Single print issues of Prog can be purchased online from MyFavouriteMagazines and also Burning Shed. MFM will be holding more stock than usual.

* Subscriptions. Please note that we are not accepting new orders on print and bundle subscriptions outside of the UK due to Covid-19 logistical issues. We hope to be able to offer this again soon. Please check for details. Single issue magazine orders are not affected by this. UK subscriptions available here.

The postal services in the UK, whilst being affected by some inevitable delays, currently seem to be working OK.

You will also be able to buy Prog in store, where those stores are open.

Prog usually sells well in WH Smiths stores in transport hubs. With many of these currently closed we've switched concentration of distribution to Supermarkets, which of course are currently open, as are local newsagents. Please keep in mind social distancing guidelines when venturing out.

In the USA we know that Barnes & Noble have temporarily stopped taking new stock. For our American readers purchasing online or buying the digital version will probably be your best bet to get your monthly Prog fix.

Please bear with us during the current health crisis. Delays to subscription copies and print purchases are going to be almost inevitable. But Prog is here.

Stay safe.