Helloween issue Hellbook

Helloween are marking their 30th anniversary with the release of a career-spanning project called Hellbook.

The 498-page book traces the history of the veteran outfit that formed in Hamburg in 1984.

Hellbook presents anecdotes from the players themselves alongside unreleased live and backstage images, some available for the first time.

With artwork designed by illustrators and designers like Frederick Moulaert and Marcos Moura, the project – referred to as the ‘Helloween Bible’ – was initiated by Carlos Vincente Leon and David López Gómez from Spain as a book by fans for fans.

Bassist Markus Grosskopf says: “For us, this book is highly emotional and evokes a thousand memories. Good moments as well as not so good ones are captured here. Thirty years of Helloween on almost 500 pages and no end in sight.”

Guitarist Michael Weikath adds: “ I wonder if this story will ever end. Flipping through the pages, there are many details I didn’t know, didn’t realise, or forgot. Here’s hoping it will entice and thrill the interested reader – and do some good in unforeseeable ways.”

A high-quality, signed Deluxe Edition adds 58 pages of hidden treasures from the group’s early years and is limited to 777 copies.

Hellbook is available exclusively available via helloween.org

Helloween issued their 15th album My God-Given Right earlier this year.The band will perform at Hard Rock Hell in Wales this month and will play The Forum in London in February.