Hawkwind's Dave Brock to compile new space rock box set for Cherry Red

A portrait of Dave Brock
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Hawkwind's Dave Brock is to explore two decades of space rock and the free festival scene in a new three-CD box set released via Cherry Red on April 22. 

Dave Brock Presents This Was Your Future – Space Rock & Other Psychedelics 1978-1998 includes material from Hawkwind and associated acts such as Robert Calvert, Hawklords, Michael Moorcock and The Lloyd-Langton Group, as well as other space rock pioneers from over the years such as Ozric Tentacles, Here And Now, Underground Zero, Dead Flowers, Poisoned Electrick Head, Omnia Opera and more.

The 40-track collection also includes sleevenotes from Ian Abrahams, author of the book Hawkwind: Sonic Assasins And Festivalized – Music, Politics And Alternative Culture.

Meanwhile, Hawkwind release their own 3-CD box set, Dreamworkers Of Time – The BBC Recordings 1985-1996, via Atomhenge/Cherry Red on March 25.

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Dave Brock Presents This Was Your Future album artwork

(Image credit: Cherry Red)

This Was Your Future Tracklisting


1 Hawkwind – PXR5
2 Omnia Opera – Space Bastard
3 Poisoned Electrick Head – Astral Tjunc
4 Spaceship Eyes – Satori
5 Ozric Tentacles – Velmwend 6 Magic Mushroom Band – Pictures In My Mind
7 Kryptästhesie – An Evening Following A Cuttle-Fish
8 Dave Brock – Green Finned Demon
9 Boris And His Bolshie Balalaika – Toadstool Soup
10 The Lloyd-Langton Group – Candle Burning
11 Underground Zero – Aimless Flight
12 Treatment – Damage 13 Moom – The Higher Sun


1 Dr Hasbeen – Spirit Of Brock
2 Sun Dial – Outer Limits To Yr Brain
3 Michael Moorcock’s Deep Fix – Dodgem Dude
4 Pressurehed – Red Delta (Live)
5 Robert Calvert – Lord Of The Hornets
6 Hawklords – The Age Of The Micro Man
7 Dr Brown – Dreamscape
8 Kava Kava – Poke
9 The Tryp – The Lizard Sheds Its Skin
10 Sonic Assassins – Golden Void
11 Dead Flowers – Altered State Circus
12 Mandragora – Rainbow Warrior
13 Outskirts Of Infinity – Laughter Castle
14 ST 37 – Ghosts Of Tempera Nymphs
15 Sons Of Selina – Gamoto Manopano


1 Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts – Hawkwind
2 Dave Brock And The Agents Of Chaos – Hades Deep
3 Crow – Led Zep
4 Nukli – Inner Days
5 Ethereal Counterbalance – At The Oasis
6 Nick Riff – Tribal Elders
7 Tim Blake – Passage Sur La Cité (Des Révélations)
8 Psychedelic Warriors – In Search of Shangrila
9 Tangle Edge – Yatantah Pt 1
10 Here And Now – 23 Skidoo (Live)
11 F/i – The Circle Is The Square
12 Praise Space Electric – Cybergenetic Experiment X