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Has the identity of Static-X’s mask-wearing frontman finally been confirmed?

Static-X (Image credit: Static-X)

Ever since the trio of Tony Campos, Koichi Fukuda and Jen Jay announced they were bringing Static-X back together, speculation has swirled as to the identity of their vocalist who has been fronting the band for their live shows.

A teaser video ahead of the first of their concerts earlier this year, showed a masked figure dressed as late frontman Wayne Static, who died in 2014.

After some criticism was levelled at the band for the decision, Static-X issued a statement saying that out of respect for Static, the unnamed vocalist didn’t feel it would be right to be “placed in the centre of something that he had nothing to do with creating.”

There had been persistent rumours that the vocalist was Dope’s Edsel Dope – and now Danish website Metal A Day say they might just have confirmed his identity.

They’ve posted side-by-side images of Dope and the mystery vocalist and point to the fact that both have similar neck tattoos – although there’s been nothing official from the band.

Earlier this week, Static-X revealed a video clip of their new single Hollow, which will feature on their album Project Regeneration, set to arrive on May 29, 2020.

The original plan for the record was to have several guest vocalists join Campos, Fukuda and Jay, but after uncovering isolated vocal recordings by Static, the decision was taken to have his voice appear on the majority of album tracks.