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Hammerfall drop in on tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show

Tonight on the Metal Hammer Radio Show, Milas and Wilding are joined by the Swedish death metal titans Hammerfall.

Plus we’ll be playing the debut album from Stateside hard rockers Raging Slab. And all the best from Fear Factory, Newsted, Cradle Of Filth, Queensryche, Burgerkill and Judas Priest.

And tonight we’ll be talking about the new black – Vantablack. It eats up 99.965% of light, thus eliminating any features of the objects that it coats… which got us thinking:

What’s the most you’ve ever eaten? Wilding had pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner while on holiday, the pig.

Tune in to Team Rock Radio online or on DAB tonight at 9pm.

Luke Morton