Grateful Dead Spring 23-disc set


Eight previously-unreleased Grateful Dead shows from 1990 are to be released in a 23-disc box set next month.

Spring 1990 (The Other One) is a companion to their sold-out Spring 1990 box set and contains their highly-regarded appearance at the Nassau Coliseum with Branford Marsalis.

The tour saw Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, Brent Mydland and Bob Weir delivering standard tracks, Bob Dylan and Beatels covers and rare renditions of older material, along with pieces from the previous year’s album Built To Last – their final studio outing.

Archivist David Lemieux says: “When we produced the first box in 2012 there were a lot of tough choices to make – however, we knew we’d do this second box some day. Now we’re able to complete the picture with music that’s every bit as good.

“These are eight extremely high-level Dead shows, each and every one of which would make a terrific CD releases. It only seemed fitting that in the face of such an abundance of quality Dead, we should release it all at once.”

A total of 159 songs appear in the set. Grateful Dead: Spring 1990 (The Other One) will be limited to 9000 numbered copies and it’s available for pre-order now. It will also be available as a download.

The Nassau show is to be released as a standalone three-disc set entitled Wake Up To Find Out 3/29/90.