Gong interviewed by snooker ace Steve Davis

A picture of Gong singer Kavus Torabi and bassist Dave Sturt
Kavus Torabi and Dave Sturt

Gong singer Kavus Torabi and bassist Dave Sturt took part in an interview with a difference – with the questions posed by snooker star Steve Davis.

As well as a remarkably successful career as a professional snooker player, Davis is known for his love of prog rock and he also works as a DJ – and has even penned columns for Prog magazine.

It was Davis who brought late Gong mainman Daevid Allen and Torabi together.

Torabi says: “I have been co-presenting The Interesting Alternative Show with Steve Davis for the last six years or so.

“In 2011, Steve rang up excitedly saying, ‘You’ll never guess who we’ve got as a guest next week… Daevid Allen.’ I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“I’d met Daevid briefly a couple of times but never properly. As a lifelong Gong lover, this filled me with delight. Straight away the two of us seemed to really click, within minutes the conversation had taken a turn for the absurd and I was more than a little flattered when he told me, after about an hour, ‘You’re a poet man, I can tell.‘”

Gong released their 28th title Rejoice! I’m Dead this month. It’s their first without founder Daevid Allen, who died of cancer last year aged 77.

Gong Rejoice! I’m Dead tracklist

  1. The Thing That Should Be
  2. Rejoice!
  3. Kapital
  4. Model Village
  5. Beatrix
  6. Visions
  7. The Unspeakable Stands Revealed
  8. Through Restless Seas I Come
  9. Insert Yr Own Prophecy

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