Glass Hammer's Ode is a warning


Glass Hammer mainman Steve Babb's main aim with recent album Ode To Echo was to alert people to the dangers of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

And although the band have already started work on the follow-up, he hopes their 14th studio outing will raise awareness of the risks posed by the condition.

Babb tells Prog Sphere: “I wanted to encourage people to do their own research in order learn more about narcissists, psychopaths and their victims. Practically everyone comes into contact with these monsters at one time or another. It’s important to learn how to spot the disorder, and to protect yourself and your family from it.

“Imagine a world where millions of people are walking around, living among us, blending in – but without consciences. They can pretend, but they have no empathy. That is the world we live in! Scary, huh?”

The title Ode To Echo refers to the victim of Narcissus in Greek mythology. Babb believes her experiences are shared by most people today, including those who suffer their own issues as adults as a result of being hurt in their childhood.

He reports that he’s speaking from bitter personal experience, and adds that everyone at some point in their lives will become victims too.

“I found out the hard way,” he says. “People should educate themselves so they will know what to do when – not if – they find themselves employed by, related to or in a relationship with one of these twisted people. A little time looking into it on Google will reveal why you should be aware of the disorder.”

NPD was first defined in 1968 and was previously known as megalomania. It’s thought that around one in a hundred people have the disorder, which can be treated – although most sufferers don’t seek treatment because they don’t believe they’re ill.