Glass Hammer start work on Ode follow-up

Glass Hammer have begun work on the follow-up to acclaimed 14th album Ode To Echo, released just three months ago.

The band want to take advantage of being on a roll – and leading light Steve Babb hopes vocalist Jon Davison, who’s busy with his Yes duties, will remain on board for the next release.

Babb tells Prog: “Ode To Echo was out most successful roll-out ever. US sales were through the roof, which led to us picking up a major distribution deal.

“We aren’t sure how all of this happened – but we must have picked up new fans over the past couple of years, and we’re grateful for that. Glass Hammer is on a roll right now, happier than we’ve ever been as a band.”

The project is set to feature vocalists Carl Groves and Susie Bogdanowicz once again, while are talks due to take place with Davison soon. “We’ll hopefully co-ordinate schedules so that he continues to be part of the recording family, even if he’s unable to perform live with us at present,” Babb reports.

And even though he and Fred Schendel will continue to write, they aim to make their 15th studio outing more of a band affair. “Guitarist Kamran Shikoh is really stepping up this time – and we want everyone in the loop on creating ideas, music and lyrics.”

The material is likely to continue where Ode To Echo left off, Babb feels. “Most people noticed a slight shift in the musical direction; we want to keep growing like that, but we don’t plan anything so drastic that we put fans off.

“It’s going to be fresh. If we can capture our current vibe on the project we’ll have something very, very cool – that’s what we’re shooting for.”

Ode To Echo included the band’s first collaboration with an outside lyricist in the form of historical fiction author Robert Low, who wrote words for the track Crowbone. It also featured appearances by Rob Reed of Magenta, Randy Jackson of Zebra and David Ragsdale of Kansas.

Glass Hammer: Crowbone

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