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Frank Carduccci to release limited vinyl edition of debut album Oddity

Franck Carducci
(Image credit: Ines Bourgeouis)

French prog rocker Franck Carducci has announced that he will release a special limited edition remastered vinyl version of his debut album Oddity, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

"In 2010, I decided to follow the advice from my friend Steve Hackett and make an album out with songs I had written in the previous years," Carducci explains. "Everything that happened to me after that was the consequence of this decision, so I owe a lot to Oddity (and to Steve). Since then, I've had recurring requests to release it in vinyl, so I thought a 10 year anniversary would be a good excuse to do it."

"I hope you'll enjoy discovering (or rediscovering) this music on a vinyl, which gave it a very 70s feel (which seems coherent to me, given my influences). We have been working on a new analog remastering of the five main tracks, which was the occasion for me to rediscover these songs.

"Some of these tracks were written when I was just a kid or young adult, so they may sound a bit clumsy, but that's how they were made and I wanted to keep the music authentic so I decided not to make any change, even though, if I was recording these songs today, I'd probably do some things differently. But again, for this reissue, I didn't wanna play God and rewrite the past, so I let the music the way it was, only with a fresh remastering."

In an effort to support indie retailers Cardicci won't be handling pre-orders himself. They'll be handled by The Merch Desk in the UK and Quadrifonic in France.

Pre-order from The Merch Desk.

Pre-order from Quadrifonic.