Former Candy Hearts tour manager denies abuse claims

Marial Loveland and Zach Chad
Marial Loveland and Zach Chad

The man accused of “physically and emotionally” abusing Candy Hearts singer Marial Loveland says she fabricated her story as a result of bipolar disorder.

Former Candy Hearts tour manager Zach Chad has given a lengthy response to Loveland’s claims in a statement given to Alternative Press, and he denies that he ever harmed the vocalist, while revealing that the pair dated for “several months.”

Loveland alleged in a lengthy Tumblr post that the abuse took place 10 months ago and said she is now “terrified” to attend gigs as a result.

But Chad insists her claims are lies and that after the couple broke off their relationship, Loveland repeatedly tried to get back together with him.

He adds that when he opted to stop working with Candy Hearts, Loveland became verbally and physically abusive towards him.

Chad says: “I have many accounts that were witnessed by numerous people whom you will hear from shortly that can prove she actively sought me out on multiple occasions after this date to harass me.

“No one should be complacent with witnessing abuse and had any of these allegations been true, I am confident that any party who had knowledge of it or witnessed it would hold me accountable.

“There are too many victims of such awful physical abuse, however Mariel Loveland is not one of them.”

Chad also claims that Loveland went public with her story as Candy Hearts were in a slump in their career and that she plans to launch a solo career.

Read his full statement at Alternative Press.