The 12 best new metal songs you need to hear right now

Fire From The Gods/Godless/House Of Protection/1349/Heriot
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Is it summer yet? We're definitely getting close, with the fields of Europe and beyond opening up in just a few weeks time to bring us the delights of massive headliners, fan-favourites and, our personal favourite, all new discoveries. 

In that spirit, let's talk new metal singles - starting with the results of last week's vote! Motley Crue haven't exactly been showered in glory in recent years, but new single Dogs Of War carried them to a comfortable third position. But in turn, that was eclipsed by Vienamese metalcore mob District105, who in turn were left chewing dust by last week's winner - and all-round hardcore heroes - Knocked Loose, their team-up with Poppy taking top spot by some way. 

This week we've got fresh offerings from the likes of Heriot, All That Remains, 1349 and more, looking at both the extreme and mainstream to crown this week's best new single. Of course, to do that we'll need you to help us by casting your vote below - so don't forget! Happy listening and have an excellent weekend! 

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Heriot - Siege Lord

Heriot booted the doors of the metal down with 2022’s Profound Morality EP. Now all eyes are on what comes next. Latest single Siege Lord treads the same lines as the band’s previous work; sludgy, suffocating low-end and brutal, death metal-meets-hardcore beats, but in execution the track feels altogether nastier and more focused than their past work, reserving its strength so that every shriek, snarl and beat is utterly devastating. There’s a little over a month to go before the band play Download, but we can’t wait to see them seize the day on a big stage.  

Fire From The Gods - Double Edged Sword

Fire From The Gods have always had a knack for mixing genres. New single Doubled Edged Sword takes it to a whole new level however, shades of nu metal mingling with distinctly contemporary sounds, vocalist AJ Channer channelling the more soulful delivery of nu metal forerunners like David Draiman and Lajon Witherspoon, bouncing wonderfully off quest vocalist Jayden Panesso of metalcore troupe Sylar.   

1349 - Ash Of Ages

Where their Norwegian black metal champions have often explored a preoccupation with frost, 1349 have always been a blazing pyre in the Northern skies. Little surprise that new single Ash Of Ages is continuing that path then, a furious five-and-a-half minute assault unadorned with the frippery that black metal has adorned itself with in the two decades since they formed, setting the tone for their forthcoming eighth studio album.  

All That Remains - Divine

Six years since their last album, All That Remains are swinging for the fences again on new single Divine. But while there have been numerous line-up shuffles in the years between - including the tragic passing of guitarist Oli Herbert - the band find themselves on familiar ground as Divine taps back into the ultra-technical, anthemic power of the band’s best days, vocalist Phil Labonte sounding fired up and furious as he delivers a chorus that is begging to be screamed by thousands of fans.   

Unto Others - Butterfly

Goths can party in summer too. That was certainly the takeaway from Unto Others’ set at Download Festival in 2023, and now the Portland, Oregon band are back and brooding as ever with driving goth rock single Butterfly. Stompy, danceable beats meet steady, powerful riffs and baritone vocals with a massive sing-along chorus that has us salivating at the thought of the long-awaited third full-length. 

Rivers Of Nihil - Criminals

Almost a year since Rivers Of Nihil unveiled The Sub Orbital Blues - their first single with bassist Adam Biggs taking over as vocalist - the band are again hinting at the possibilities their new line-up is capable of on new single Criminals. The progressive stylings of Sub Orbital are still present in Criminals, but the track also skews much more towards their technical death metal stylings, crafting a sense of cosmic nastiness that is offset with shades of Mastodon to its vocal melodies. 

Godless - Amorphous Mass

Like being pulverised into the earth and then ground into a fine paste, Godless’s new single Amorphous Mass is all about delivering unrelenting old school death metal brutality. But then, that’s what the Indian band have been about since they first emerged with the Centuries Of Decadence EP back in 2016 and if this is the first hint at the direction they’re taking on a follow-up to 2021’s debut full-length States Of Chaos - i.e. a more focused, tighter sound that is more in line with classic Decapitated or Morbid Angel - then we’d best keep eyes out, especially with the band touring India, UAE and Europe throughout May.

Escuela Grind - Always Watching You

Escuela Grind never stop. After the release of DDEEAATTHHMMEETTAALL earlier this year and a rigorous touring schedule, the band have pulled out another vicious, fresh cut in new single Always Watching You. Another lead-booted stomper, EG’s frenetic brand of extremity arrives like being clattered by a whirlwind of sledgehammers. 

House Of Protection - It’s Supposed To Hurt

Former members of Fever 333 working on new material produced by Jordan Fish. It’s a tantalising prospect, and thankfully House Of Protection’s It’s Supposed To Hurt delivers on the promise, glitching, hyperactive beats providing a springboard for Stephen Harrison’s irrepressible vocal, switching from raps to buoyant call-outs that lend the single a seriously anthemic feel. If the band’s live shows are half as energetic as this, we reckon House Of Protection are going to tear themselves to the top of the pile in 2024. 

Plague Of Angels - What Lies Beneath

With former members of Cradle Of Filth and Paradise Lost in their ranks, it’s a safe bet that Plague Of Angels were always going to have gothic overtones. What Lies Beneath delivers in spades, keening guitars providing a backbone for Anabelle Iratni’s near-operatic vocal, dramatic swells and bizarre techno interludes showing how the band are both embracing and evolving their sonic past.  

Fuming Mouth - Daylight Again

Set in that hinterland between hardcore and death metal, you can practically smell the sweat and feel the spittle fly on Fuming Mouth’s latest single Daylight Again. By and large it’s a straight-ahead, no frills affair with chunky riffs, near-continuous beatdowns and the kind of bass tone that triggers an instinctual fight-or-flight response, but good goddamn if it isn’t yet more proof that extreme metal is in fine health in 2024.  

Lowen - Najang Bah Divhayeh

Lowen might be based in London, but their sound is drawn from the distinct tones of the Middle East. Fresh signings to Church Road Records, new single Najang Bah Divhayeh is a blast of progressive, percussively-driven prog-tinged metal, a forceful blast to the senses that has us keen to see what else they might have in store. 

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