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Filter, Baroness, Gus G and more the Metal Hammer Radio Show

It looks like we've got a heatwave on our hands... which in British terms if four days without rain. We're struggling to comprehend the prospect of seeing that big glowing ball in the sky for more than an hour a day, but we guess summer is on its way and we should celebrate the only way we know how – blasting heavy metal at ear-crippling volume.

Tonight’s debut album selection comes from the industrial rocksmiths Filter, whose first full-length Short Bus is an underrated classic. Opener Hey Man Nice Shot was even used in an episode of Adventure Time!

But when we’re not spinning tunes from Pendleton Ward’s music library, we’re firing out some of the best from Downset, Gus G, Beastmilk, Devil You Know, Baroness, Turisas, Dillinger, Killer Be Killed and Destrage.

And to give your ears a rest (sort of) you can listen to use ramble on as always. Tonight we’re talk about Kenny G. No, it’s not the usual talking point for a heavy metal radio show but his song Going Home is being used in Chinese shopping malls to alert the public it is, indeed, time to go home. Which got us thinking… what rock or metal song can drive you out of the building and why?

Of course, the correct answer is ‘anything by Nickelback’. But it’s up to you.

Tune in to Team Rock Radio online or on DAB tonight at 9pm.