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Films next on AIC William's radar

Alice in Chains singer William DuVall is switching his focus from fronting the grunge icons to directing movies.

DuVall, who plays the Apollo Stage at Sonisphere with AIC today, is working on two documentaries as a producer.

He tells TeamRock Radio: “One is about the Atlanta hardcore scene. I was first generation and a part of that when it all started. The film sort of compares and contrasts the scene now and in its earliest days – what we went through with the sense from society at large that ‘this is wrong’ and ‘our children have gone crazy.’

“What are their struggles now with the internet and punk being assimilated into mass culture? It’s an interesting thing they face.”

His second film project is focused on jazz musician Milford Graves. DuVall says: “He’s one of the greatest musicians ever – but what really makes him interesting beyond that is his scientific work.

“The guy does amazing cutting-edge cardiac research, as exciting and potentially game-changing as any research you could ever hear about. People are just starting to wake up to what he’s doing. He approaches science like a musician, in a way no one else does.”

The vocalist also discusses his love of Led Zeppelin, saying: “Jimmy Page is only just starting to get the credit for the studio wizardry, the musicianship, the chemistry, the ability to pull it off live and in the studio.” He remains in awe of the band’s scope and their ability to “take in the Celtic, the blues, the rock’n’roll, middle eastern influences – to kind of just bring that into a seamless blend and make it rocking.”

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