Chuck Mosley begs fans for help

Former Faith No More frontman Chuck Mosley has begged fans for financial help after his family has been threatened with eviction from their home.

He admits he’s “on his knees” for any support that can be offered after he fell behind with his rent. And he’s offering music and artwork at discounted prices in return for any donations fans can afford.

He’s best known for joining FNM in 1985 and fronting the band for debut album We Care A Lot and follow-up Introduce Yourself. He was replaced by Mike Patton in 1988. The pair shared vocal duties on stage in New York in 2010.

Last night Mosley said via Facebook: “I seem to have no other choice than to lose my pride due to lacking the ability to provide security for my family. The shocking truth is that i’m not rich. We struggle every day, just like most everybody. More right now – worse than in a long time.

“Our landlord wants to sell the house we’ve lived in for ten years. We’re behind in our rent so he’s using that as leverage to get us out. So here I am, for my family, on my knees, asking for help.

“I’m ashamed for being in this condition, that I have to burden others. I apologise – but for my family, I’ll do anything legal.”

He set the price for his albums Rap Over Hard Rock For Food and Demosforsale at $1 on his Bandcamp page. His partner Pip Logan offered some of her paintings in return for “substantial donations.”

Mosley later added: “We’re overwhelmed by your support.”

Those who want to send donations directly can do so via Mosley’s PayPal-registered email address: He aims to add signed vinyl and CD offerings to Bandcamp soon.

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