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EXCLUSIVE: Belphegor unleash bloody new video!

Austria’s famous psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud once claimed: one does not become a pervert, but remains one.

It’s an adage that compatriots Belphegor have upheld rather proudly throughout 23 year’s worth of blackened death metal, bondage, blood, goats, bondage zombie goats, blasphemy, and general residency in the outer realms of wrongness that, as our Subterranea cover feature this month details, left frontman Helmuth close to death. You can pick up the issue here (opens in new tab).

Back with a vengeance – vengeance against God, that is – Belphegor have just unleashed their latest missive, Conjuring The Dead, complete with guest vocals from both Mayhem’s Attila Csihar and Deicide’s Glen Benton, and clearly Helmuth’s experiences haven’t introduced any element of caution into his muse. Thanks to Helmuth and the almost as filthy folk at Nuclear Blast Records, we can exclusively reveal the band’s new video for the album’s imperiously bombastic title track, and it’s a visual cornucopia of blood-belching damsels, blood-drenched band members, bones hitting blood, some more blood, priests having bad things done to them and various other grotesqueries that’ll probably ruin your tea. Unleash your id and delve into Conjuring The Dead below!

Feast upon Belphegor’s Facebook page here!

And order the new album here!

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