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Echolyn man launches new project with author J.D. Beck

Rise Twain

Echolyn's Brett William Kull has formed a new outfit with author, musician and playwright J. D. Beck called Rise Twain. The duo will release their self-titled debut album through InsideOut Music on September 6.

“I produced an album for J.D.’s original band, The Scenic Route," Kull tells Prog. “They were a rocky, progressive kind of band, like a Jeff Buckley kind of thing. I was immediately drawn to his vocals. He’s such a strong singer.”

“I just knew I had to work with Brett on a higher level," adds Beck. "When I came in to cut the vocals on the Scenic Route album, the way we worked together… Some people you just gel with, and then some people you have a barrier with. Brett and I gelled.” 

Discussing the album’s musical direction, Beck notes; “There’s not a typical structural theme that we use over and over and over. ‘Organic’ is a word that comes to mind. Seeking openness through simplicity and allowing the complexity of music to exist without the necessity of overly packing it or overly processing it. With that we were able to achieve such a broad spectrum of sound, and a colossal sense of its existence, without having to have a billion guitars and a billion things put over top. There’s some colouring with strings and other embellishments, but it really is something very simple and stripped down, and it’s awesome.”

"There’s a lot of complexity in this, but it’s not overt in the least bit," adds Kull. "But yet, when you get into it, there’s all this really rich harmonic and dynamic stuff going on.”