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Duff McKagan launches lyric video for new solo track Tenderness

(Image credit: Jesse DeFlorio)

Duff McKagan has released a lyric video for his new solo single Tenderness.

The Guns N’ Roses bassist teased a small snippet of the track earlier this week, with the song set to feature on his upcoming and as-yet-untitled solo album which is a musical follow-up his 2015 book, How To Be A Man (And Other Illusions).

McKagan says: “The real point of Tenderness is not for me to be some damn politician or some other voice to add to what is already way too much noise. 

“This is a song of unity and peace – and I want this record to be a meditation and to bring maybe some healing, if that is not too high-handed or lofty of a goal. 

“I can use what marginal voice I have as an artist to hopefully help arrest what seems like a fall. As a father, I must say and do something now because I love my girls and my wife, and I love my country, and I feel I must be strong and use my voice now – do it while I am able, or perhaps never get a chance ever again.”

I must be strong and use my voice now – do it while I am able, or perhaps never get a chance ever again

Duff McKagan

Duff’s solo band features John Schreffler, Jamie Douglass, Aubrey Richmond and Shooter Jennings, who also produced the new material.

Speaking about the collaboration, Jennings says: “From the start of the development of this record, Tenderness stood out as a focal point. I was almost scared to cut it too early – before we had really mined the sound of the album. I knew we had one shot to do it right with feeling. 

“After it was done and we had a first mix, I wrote to Duff and said, ‘This song has to come out right now!’ 

“It has a simple message of celebrating life and each other and for everyone to take it easy on one another. It offered an empathetic solution for a divisive time in the world: Tenderness.”

McKagan and his band will play Philadelphia’s Theatre Of The Living Arts on May 30 and the City Winery in Washington on May 31.

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