Documentary focusing on Latin America’s heavy metal scene planned

Director Dr. Nelson Varas-Díaz
Director Dr. Nelson Varas-D\u00edaz

A new documentary exploring the heavy metal scene in Latin America is to be released later this year.

It’s titled Songs Of (In)Justice and is set for a December launch. It’s been created by the team behind award-winning film The Metal Islands, which looked at extreme music in the Caribbean.

The new documentary will focus on metal in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Peru and examine how local artists have used the genre to reflect the social issues affecting them.

Director Dr. Nelson Varas-Díaz from the Florida International University says: “The film dispels the myth that metal artists in the region have been unengaged with the social and political issues of their time and context.

“Metal in Latin America has been extremely reflective of where it is embedded. These artists have lived through political repression, dictatorships, torture, the murder of indigenous populations and extreme neoliberal policies that have even privatised their water supplies.

“These issues are reflected in their music, and we have been granted the privilege of engaging in deep conversations with local musicians about these topics. We can’t wait for the world to see this.”

A Facebook site for the documentary has just launched while further details will be revealed in due course. Find the Songs Of (In)Justice poster below.

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