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Metal Hammer Podcast: Are We Too Cynical About Gimmicks In Metal?

Metal Hammer Podcast

The fifth episode of the Metal Hammer Podcast is now live on iTunes!

Reviews/Subterranea Editor Jonathan Selzer rejoins Editor Merlin Alderslade and Online Editor Luke Morton to debate the concept of gimmicks in metal, and if we should stop being so cynical and snidey about bands like Alestorm, Babymetal, Trollfest and many more.

We also discuss never-ending stream of sub-genres in heavy metal, the use of holograms in live performances, bottling 50 Cent at Reading Festival and why Record Store Day is a good/bad thing (depending on which member of the Hammer team you agree with).

Download the new episode from iTunes RIGHT NOW and don’t forget to subscribe! There is a lot of cool stuff coming your way very soon!

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