Dio Disciples aim for 2017 album launch

Craig Goldy
Craig Goldy (Image credit: Getty)

Dio Disciples are currently working on a studio album, Craig Goldy confirms.

The guitarist of the Ronnie James Dio offshoot act says they’ll aim to release it by next summer – and the songs will be written by former Dio men and those who were “close to the Dio family.”

He tells SleazeRoxx: “We’re negotiating with a record company as we speak. At the moment, the goal is to have an album written and recorded and have it out by the summer of 2017.

“The idea is to have songs written by people that were in the Dio band or close to the Dio family. Also, the other criteria is that the songs would be done in a manner which Ronnie would approve.”

Goldy, who’s working with former Dio man and current Foreigner and Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson on the project, also reports that they’re looking for a “younger producer” to give them a “current sound.”

He adds: “The goal is to put together an album that will be outstanding. We want top-notch songs on the record.”

Dio Disciples recently debuted their Ronnie James Dio hologram onstage at Wacken festival in Germany last month – and they confirmed they’re planning to bring it on tour with them next year.

Dio’s widow Wendy said: “We want to create an enduring tribute to Ronnie that gives his music an opportunity to continue touching the lives of new and old generations of fans.

“With the hologram show that we are working so hard on, we’re envisioning a new way to enjoy live music. A new world in which the music never dies. We want to bring you some place magical, if only for a night.”

Dio Disciples will perform at Everett’s Tony V’s Garage in Washington on October 29.

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