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Dickinson hails Lady Gaga's sense of drama

Lady Gaga’s metal credentials have been given perhaps their biggest endorsement yet – with Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson describing her as “great.”

The pop star has won the approval of Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford in the past, and she recently revealed how she woke up at 5am to buy Maiden’s new album The Book Of Souls.

And in an earlier interview, Gaga said she doesn’t want to be the next Madonna, as she’d rather be the next Iron Maiden.

Now the Maiden vocalist has returned the compliment. He tells Corus Radio: “I think she’s great, and I agree with her – she’s not the next Madonna. She’s way better than that.

“Because, first of all, she can sing — she’s got a belter of a voice — and she’s a really good instrumentalist. She’s got a great sense of drama. And anybody that could turn up to an awards ceremony dressed as a bacon sandwich gets my vote. I mean, she’s great.”

Dickinson this week revealed that he had no idea Steve Harris had written Tears Of A Clown about Robin Williams until after he’d recorded his vocal parts for the track.

Iron Maiden are the multiple cover stars of the latest edition of Classic Rock, on sale now in print, digital and via TeamRock+.

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