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Scott Ian: I hope Lady Gaga covers Anthrax

Scott Ian says Lady Gaga is "a genuine metalhead" and that he'd love for her to cover an Anthrax tune.

The guitarist adds that he may even ask the pop icon to guest on the next Anthrax album.

Ian tells EMP Rock Invasion: “She’s into metal. She’s a genuine metalhead. So why not hear her sing – it doesn’t even have to be an Anthrax song. I don’t care. I would like to hear her sing in a metal way.”

On which particular Anthrax track he’d like to hear Gaga perform, he says something off the band’s latest album Worship Music would be ideal.

He says: “Something off the album. In The End – that might be kind of cool to hear her sing that. I mean, she’s got a great singing voice, so I just think it would be cool to hear her take on a metal song, because she’s definitely got the chops for it.”

Gaga has been spotted hanging out with Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford recently, while former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach covered Gaga’s Bad Romance on a US talent show.