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Delain asked to pay Sophie tribute at Bloodstock

Delain frontwoman Charlotte Wessels has told TeamRock that the band asked Bloodstock organisers to move them to the Sophie Lancaster Stage..

They’ve just been confirmed on the bill for this year’s event at Catton Park in August although they’d originally been lined up for the main stage.

But after a history of supporting the memory of Sophie, who was murdered in 2007 just because she wore goth-style clothing, the Dutch outfit requested to be moved onto the platform that’s been named after her since 2009.

Wessels tells TeamRock Radio: “At first we were asked to play the bigger stage – but we thought, ‘If we are going to play, then we have to play on the Sophie Lancaster stage.’ We’re very happy we can do that.

“We wrote the song We Are The Others about Sophie three years ago. There’s something about playing that stage that’s very special and important to us. We hope people come and see us and shout along to We Are The Others.”

Wessels says she was aware of hate crime before the horrific murder, but adds: “I remember how shocked I was. This is something we hear about a lot, but this being from the scene and having been in the situation walking around dressed like that, somehow it was closer to home.”

She says of the 2012 title track from Delain’s third album: “I wanted to write about being proud of who you are but also the horrors of blind hate. I remembered Sophie’s case and I thought, ‘If this doesn’t get to you, then nothing’s going to reach you.’ That’s when I contacted the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and asked if we could write a song.”

Last month, Sophie’s mother Sylvia received an OBE for her work with the foundation, which aims to educate people about subcultures and send a message of tolerance.

This year’s Bloodstock Open Air festival will take place at Catton Park, Derbyshire on August 6-9. Find out more – and win a pair of tickets for the event via TeamRock.