Dave Kerzner’s In Continuum recruit Marillion’s Steve Rothery for Be The Light

(Image credit: Joel Barrios)

Dave Kerzner’s In Continuum have released a video for their new single Be The Light.

The song has been taken from the band’s upcoming album Acceleration Theory, which is set to launch on January 1.

The track features guest appearances from Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery and Yes vocalist Jon Davison, while the lead vocals are provided by Gabriel Agudo and Leticia Wolf.

They’re joined by the core group of the band which consists of Kerzner on keyboards, bassist Matt Dorsey, guitarists Randy McStine and Fernando Perdomo and drummer Marco Minnemann.

Kerzner says: “Each song from the album is like a piece of the puzzle to the story of Acceleration Theory. The two main characters, Kai and AlienA, are featured in this song which is about hope, love and self empowerment.” 

Last month, In Continuum released the single Crash Landing, which featured Davison and guitarist Steve Hackett.

Acceleration Theory is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp.