Dave Grohl lends his throne to the bassist who apprehended a gunman at a show

Dave Grohl sat on his infamous throne
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Dave Grohl has lent his throne to Darin Wall, the bassist of metal band Greyhawk, to use during performances to help the musician recover from injuries sustained from a recent altercation with a gunman. 

Earlier this month, Wall selflessly protected a whole venue full of punters from a mass shooting. The bass player first spotted a man, known as Ethan Byrd, outside the music venue acting suspiciously and making "finger gun" motions while pretending to fire out into the crowd. Wall prevented the man from entering the venue, but was soon confronted by Byrd pulling out a gun. To apprehend him, Wall tackled the gunman to the ground, but was unfortunately shot in the leg during the scuffle.

Words of praise for Wall's bravery travelled across the rock/metal world, and eventually made their way onto the radar of Dave Grohl, after Wall made a joke about using Grohl's throne to perform on via his social media. Further cementing his rep as the nicest man in rock, Grohl duly parted with his throne and even dialled Wall from the MTV VMA awards and offered to ship the chair at his own expense. 

Of course, we assume Wall will have to part ways with the throne at some point, as Grohl – like some kind of shaggy-haired fairy godmother – has a habit of passing it around to those in need. Previously, it was used by Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose, who broke his foot a few hours before he was meant to go on stage at Las Vegas's new T-Mobile Arena in 2016.

In a recent interview, Wall explains, "There are three people who have used it. "There's Dave Grohl, Axl Rose in Guns N' Roses, and me."

Actually, it was also used by Matthew Ramsey of the country group Old Dominion in 2019, following Ramsey's leg surgery leg earlier that year, but we won't burst Wall's bubble.

Darin Wall of Greyhawk

Darin Wall of Greyhawk after being shot (Image credit: KTVB)
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