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Dave Cureton releases video teaser for debut solo album

Dave Cureton
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IO Earth guitarist Dave Cureton has released a video teaser for his upcoming debut solo album State Of Mind, which you can watch below. Cureton will release the album later this year.

Joining Cureton on State Of Mind are drummer Marco Minnemann and bassist William Kopecky, while his IO Earth band mates Adam Gough (keyboards) and Luke Shingler (saxophone) also put in an appearance.

“I am excited to release this album, it is something that I have always wanted to do," says Cureton. "I have always loved instrumental guitar music and to get the chance to make an album of this kind of music is a really exciting thing for me, putting the guitar front and centre.

“I feel that I have assembled some of the best musicians that I could for this album, working with Marco and William was a real pleasure. I gave them nearly an empty canvas to work with and for them to do their thing with a short brief for each song and they hit the bull's eye with every track. What they have done has complemented these songs and the guitar melodies and have made these songs even better than I originally thought they could be. Adam Gough in my opinion is one of the most underrated keyboard players out there, what makes him so good is the subtle things he adds to each piece, as well as the big orchestrations things he does, the attention to detail, is crazy, I know he is pleased he was able to use the Hammond on a few tracks on this album.

“There will also be a collection of videos accompanying the album which will be available to view on youtube. The album art and the videos have been created by my manager, (also the manager of IO Earth) Wendy Hagenbeek and they have given a visual dimension to the songs. Two of the videos feature Wendy’s daughter Quinley playing a fictitious character and she is also the model for the album art. The first official music video will drop on Tuesday 8th February and other videos will be released throughout the pre-order time so keep an eye out for them.”

You can see the new artwork and tracklisting below. Pre-orders will start this Saturday, February 5.

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Dave Cureton

(Image credit: Press)

Dave Cureton: State Of Mind
1. Psycho-Tronic
2. Puppets Dream
3. Set You Free
4. Free Falling
5. Sound Of The Sun
6. Flow Motion
7. Flames
8. Killer Fusion
9. The Secret Lullaby
10. Evolution

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