Daniel Cavanagh announces new project Weather Systems

Daniel Cavanagh
(Image credit: Daniel Cavanagh)

Anathema guitarist Daniel Cavanagh has announced a new musical project, Weather Systems. The project takes the name of Anathema's 2012 album, and, according to a post on the Anathema Facebook page, "the music will be a continuation of the previous band’s legacy."

The full statement reads: "Hello all. Just to make you aware that following Cellar Door will be a new project entitled Weather Systems. Taking the name from the album, the music will be a continuation of the previous band’s legacy, So far this is a project by Daniel but it can expand. Many blessings to all."

There is no further news on who else may be involved. Cavanagh's the only member of the band to make any public announcements since Anathema announced an indefinite hiatus last year, although brother Vincent is believed to be working on a an electronica solo project.

Two weeks ago Daniel announced the planned release of a new solo album, Cellar Door, which will be released later this year.

A brief statement said: "There will be an upcoming solo album from Daniel Cavanagh coming soon called Cellar Door. The album is written and recording will begin as soon as is convenient. Many blessings and wishing you all much happiness."