Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman announce album number three

Wilson & Wakeman
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Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman have announced that they will release their third full-length studio album Can We Leave The Light On Longer? through Blacklake Records on January 12. You can hear brand new song AI below.

The new album contains tne new songs featuring Wilson on vocals and. acoustic guitar and Wakeman on piano, vocals, Hammond organ, acoustic  and electric guitars, bass and percussion. Additional drums and trumpet are provided by Pete Riley and George Hogg and there's also an 18-voice choir.

"On this album, I'm singing lead on two songs, so statistically, by the time we make album number 17 in 2041, I'll be singing all the tracks and Damian will be playing piano," laughs Wakeman.

”The album is about how we are connected as human beings and what drives us to be alive," adds Wilson. "It tells tales of hopeful inspiring dreams and our fight to live and function, with the ultimate and inevitable loss we face through mortality.”

Can We Leave The Light On Longer? will be available on on vinyl, cd and in digital format. You can see the new rtowrk and tracklisting below.

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Wilson & Wakeman

(Image credit: Blacklake Records)

Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman: Can We Leave The Light On Longer?
1. A I
2. Can We Leave The Light On Longer?
3. The Man From The Island
4. Let's Talk
5. The Battle of the Bare Knuckle Fighter
6. Turn Your Life Around
7. Multiplicity
8. November
9. Hero
10. Addlestone

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