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Cynic guitarist Masvidal offers online lessons

Cynic’s Paul Masvidal has launched a website offering online guitar lessons.

And Masvidal reveals that along with providing face-to-face tutorials over Skype, he’s also interested in using meditation to improve technique.

He says: “As a professional, working musician in the business for over 20 years, I have a background as a songwriter, band leader and producer. It’s a history that’s given me a unique perspective that I want to share with both students and working musicians who are looking for mentoring, education and practical skills.”

“Lessons can cover a variety of topics – strict focus on guitar technique, soloing, how to approach the instrument organically as an extension of yourself, songwriting, melodic construction and arrangement, production ideas, finding the song and creative input with your own writing process.”

He continues: “I’m also interested in exploring techniques for working with your mind, meditation practices related to playing guitar, and untapping your own creative potential to discover your own voice. Music, the mind and body are pathways to making the most of ourselves.”

Lessons can be booked via Masvidal’s website, with 75-minute classes starting at $100.

Masvidal split with Cynic drummer Sean Reinart last year, with the sticksman saying the tensions between he and the guitarist made it impossible to continue.