Creed wrote 10 songs during reunion

Mark Tremonti says Creed wrote the best part of a full album during their 2009 reunion – but that it will likely never see the light of day.

The guitarist is so busy with his other projects that he doesn’t see Creed ever working together again. He has been touring in support of Tremonti’s second album Cauterize with plans to issue an already-recorded third disc, Dust, in early 2016. Around the same time, Alter Bridge will reconvene to record their follow-up to 2013’s Fortress.

With so much going on, Tremonti says a return to Creed just isn’t on the cards – even though the group penned “nine or 10” tracks in 20112012, at the tail end of their 2009 reunion.

Tremonti tells Alternative Nation: “My life is just so busy right now it would be hard for me to do anything else. There were some songs we worked on before things went south. On the last tour, we didn’t see eye to eye to say the least, and then we put a halt on any new music. We had already gotten about nine or 10 songs ready to go.

“It just doesn’t make sense for me though, having two new Tremonti records, a new Alter Bridge record and Myles will have a new Slash record. A new Creed record would be just too much stress.”

The guitarist stated last November that Creed was the furthest thing from his mind as he recorded the two Tremonti records, and he’s been outspoken about trying to help singer Scott Stapp through some personal health issues in the past year – a run that saw Stapp lose custody of his kids and spend time in rehab.

The guitarist reveals he recently ran into his former bandmate and was pleased to see Stapp on the mend and in a good place.

Tremonti says: We actually just ran into him. Scott Phillips and I were at the Hard Rock hotel for my wife’s birthday, and just by strange coincidence, Stapp was up here during a vacation and was staying at the Hard Rock.

“We were walking out to the pool and he saw us. We ended up talking for an hour and half. He was clean and sober and doing well. He was happy. His family seemed happy. We’ve had a few texts since then. I think there’s talk about Wind-up Records maybe putting out a box set, so I’m sure we’ll communicate to make sure that turns out well.”

Tremonti will launch an autumn tour of North America in Florida next month.