Scott Stapp loses custody of kids

Troubled Creed singer Scott Stapp has been denied access to his children after a legal ruling.

It’s the latest in a chain of events that started when his wive filed for divorce last month, citing his heavy drug use and attempted suicide. Stapp responded with a video claiming he’d been the target of a US government conspiracy he was living in his truck – it was later removed.

He then launched a short-lived crowdfunding campaign for $480,000, saying it was to fund a solo album and a novel. Later his 16-year-old son claimed his father had been on a nine-week binge and was refusing to get the help he needed.

Now Florida Judge Martin Colin has granted Stapp’s wife sole physical and legal custody of Jagger and siblings Milan, 7, and Daniel, 4. He’s also ruled that the singer cannot return to the family home.

On Friday the singer posted a message, also later taken down, saying: “In light of the recent vicious attacks on my character as well as the vicious lies that are being spread about me, I’m left with no option but to address this circus.

“In no way, shape or form are any of these accusations true. I am 100% sober and 100% mentally sane and stable. Supporting documents validating this will be given to Judge Colin and serviced to the media next week.”

He said that he reported to a rehab clinic as soon as the allegations were made against him but added: “I did not check in as I have not been using drugs or alcohol, nor have been suffering from any mental health issues.

“I came to the center for the most credible acknowledgement and support in the world to validate that I was sober and mentally stable. After two weeks of meetings with appropriate departments, voluntarily submitting to a clinical diagnostic evaluation, and blood and urine tests, Hazelton-Betty Ford Center is preparing official documents validating what I have been saying all along.”

Stapp claimed the allegations appeared after he’d “discovered multiple counts of financial fraud and embezzlement” and stated: “It is sad the lengths some will go to in an effort to keep themselves from being exposed for the serious financial crimes they have committed. As you might assume, I am very hurt by what has gone on.”

Last week Creed bassist Brian Marshall said his bandmate “needed an intervention” in order to prevent him hurting himself or others.