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Stapp cops give up on his theft claim

Police investigating Scott Stapp’s theft claim have closed the case because they can’t get in touch with the wayward singer.

He filed a criminal complaint in which he alleged $26,000 had been removed from his bank account without his permission, and said his password had been changed so he couldn’t gain access himself.

He mentioned the claim in a video posted then removed last month, in which he said he was under attack and that he was living in his van. He then launched a crowdfunding campaign for $480,000, which also disappeared at short notice. He’s since lost custody of his kids after his wife, filing for divorce, cited his heavy drugs use, aggressive behaviour and an attempted suicide in her paperwork.

Now GossipExtra report that Boca Raton police, who’d received Stapp’s bank account complain, have closed the case. They’d failed to make contact with him after five attempts at calling him on the number he’d given. As a result, they say they have no information to pursue the investigation.

Stapp last week denied the suggestion he was using drugs again, and vowed he’d prove he was “100% sober and 100% mentally sane and stable.”

Referring to “multiple counts of financial fraud and embezzlement” he said: “It is sad the lengths some will go to in an effort to keep themselves from being exposed for the crimes they have committed.”

Creed bassist Brian Marshall recently said his bandmate “needed an intervention” in order to prevent him hurting himself or others.