Crack The Sky will release brand new album From The Wood in June

Crack The Sky
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Cult US prog rock sextet Crack The Sky have announced that they will release a brand new studio album, From The Wood, on June 9.

Like many current releases, the new album, the follow-up to 2020's Tribes, has been inspired by the hardships that humankind endured in 2020-2022; feelings of isolation, separation and anxiety all thrust upon us by the effects of the recent pandemic.

The band also stepped away from previous recording approaches, returning to an earlier style of writing on acoustic guitar for From The Wood.

“Writing From The Wood was a new, albeit old experience," says singer John. Palumbo. "The last few Crack The Sky albums were written on electric guitar, piano, and drum loops. This one was done strictly on acoustic guitar like back in the day. We initially felt that using all string instruments - guitars, mandolin, dobro, etc., would be both a challenge and change; but ultimately made it an exciting and new process. There was nothing to lean on with doing so and therefore the songs had to hold up on their own - naked of any synthetic or electric painting.

"Once the guys got into the studio however, it was clear that no one felt handcuffed by an acoustic project, as parts and performances shined, no one was restricted creatively. The songs are displayed in wonderful landscapes and the freedom of organic expression worked far better than we had hoped for."

You can view artwork and tracklisting for From The Wood below.

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Crack The Sky

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Crack The Sky: From The Wood:
1. I Get High 
2. Lady In The Lake
3. My New World
4. Fun In Isolation 
5. Don’t Close Your Eyes 
6. Outside Of Me 
7. Heart Of The Lion 
8. Going Downtown 
9. Don’t Feed The Tigers 
10. The Circle Of Life 

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