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Colin Edwin confirms Endless Tapes album

Colin Edwin has confirmed the release of Brilliant Waves, the first album from his latest project Endless Tapes.

He and colleague Alessandro ‘Petrol’ Pedretti have launched a video for lead track Terminal 1 from the record, which follows their self-titled EP.

Porcupine Tree bassist Edwin says: “We chose the name ‘Endless Tapes’ since it reflects the many possibilities of the music.

“Given the cyclic elements in a lot of the compositions, I prefer to think of these recordings on Brilliant Waves as snapshots of particular decisions we made at the time. Playing the music in a live environment before we recorded really opened up a lot of the tunes – we could have gone in a number of directions.”

He adds: “The best analogy I can give is to think of taking a series of photographs of a moving disc or wheel. In the finished picture you will recognise a wheel, but you might catch it anywhere in its rotation.”

Edwin previously collaborated with King Crimson’s Pat Mastelloto in Ork. Brilliant Waves is released on January 15, and it’s available for pre-order now.

Brilliant Waves tracklist

  1. Brilliant Waves
  2. Terminal 1
  3. Il Guardiano
  4. Saturn
  5. Bass Collapse
  6. Possible Mission
  7. Private
  8. Last Days