Coldbones release special charity edition of The Cataclysm

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UK post-rock trio Coldbones have released a special charity edition of their latest album The Cataclysm in light of the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

The new all-black variant, featuring a black album sleeve with no text, logos, or branding, will help raise money to help Saint Gregory's Catholic Primary School on the back of Books For Diversity, who encourage people to donate books to schools by black authors or books with black characters or historical messages.

"We wanted to do something that made a difference and something that we could look back at and be proud of doing", comments the band. "Standing together in a strange and crazy time where the conflicting message is to maintain distance from your peers is a must. We hope to unite through the power of music, and to show our solidarity towards this vitally important social movement."

Coldbones guitarist Jordan Gilbert works as a year one class teacher at is local school, Saint Gregory's Catholic Primary School and the band have agreed that all proceeds from sales of the special edition vinyl will be put towards updating the school's library with books written by black authors, books about black history and other materials that will aid the British youth in becoming educated and aware of the fight against racism.

"It was unanimous decision that we wanted to do something during this time of civil unrest, and to show our support to a movement we fully back, and will forever do so", Jordan explains. "The music we make and the community we are part of should be unprejudiced and entirely inclusive for everyone, no matter how difficult or tough your life is. It should not be difficult to accept anyone into your community, however it is completely and utterly unacceptable that judgement should be passed on anyone solely based on the colour of their skin.

"We fully hold are hands up and accept that maybe we (along with so many others) have lacked the proper education surrounding this movement and its importance. But we can assure you that this will change, and it will do so with your help.

"Racism is a learnt behaviour, and together we must strive for a world where ultimately it doesn’t exist. It is vital that we not only change ourselves, but our future as well, educating our children to be aware and to stamp out prejudice when they hear or experience it - whether it be towards family, friends or strangers."

Coldbones released The Cataclysm, their second album through Dunk! Records in April. The new edition is available to pre-order for £15.

Pre-order The Cataclysm.


(Image credit: Incendia Music)
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