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Clive Mitten discusses this week's Trinity 4

C: Live Collective

Trinity 4 takes place next Saturday at Leamington Assembly. The event features Mostly Autumn, Godsticks, Alan Reed, That Joe Payne, C:Live Collective, Oliver Wakeman, Rodney Matthews and more.

This year's event will raise money for, this year supporting MIND and Help Musicians UK. "Mental health is an important issue for all of us, and if, through music, we can make a difference and help even just one person then it all becomes worthwhile," the organisers tell Prog.

Here Clive Mitten, the mainman behind C: Live Collective, talks exclusively to Prog about this year's Trinity event.

If you had to pick just three songs to show someone what your style is, which would you pick and why?

We Are Sane. Aggressive punk prog with brilliant dystopian lyrics.

The Fifth Estate Part Three.  A cinematic political nightmare.

Love Song. A hymn.

My style is not having a style.

Finish this sentence: before a live show, we always...

Before a live show we always moan at Fudge because he has stacked up his drum cases in the dressing room and we can’t find anything. Or get out of the dressing room.

Following the announcement of The Art of Prog showcase at Trinity 4 - what is your favourite album cover and why?

The Clash. London Calling.

1. I have always wanted to do that (smash a guitar on stage).

2.  The image defines being angry at the Tories!