Church Of Misery return with album no.6


Church Of Misery have announced their sixth album And Then There Were None will be released on March 4.

The follow-up to 2013’s Thy Kingdom Scum will be issued via Rise Above Records and features founding bassist Tatsu Mikami along with a new-look lineup featuring guitarist Dave ‘Depraved’ Szulkin, drummer Eric Little and singer Scott Carlson.

Mikami brought in the trio following the departure of Hideki Fukasawa, Ikuma Kawabe and Junji Narita in 2014.

Mikami says of the album: “It was a challenge because there wasn’t much time to make this record – only two weeks. One week for rehearsals and then one week to record all material.”

Church Of Misery And Then There Were None tracklist

  1. The Hell Benders
  2. Make Them Die Slowly
  3. Doctor Death
  4. River Demon
  5. Confessions Of An Embittered Soul
  6. Suicide Journey
  7. Murderfreak Blues