Chris Braide explains This Oceanic Feeling


Award-winning songwriter and producer Chris Braide has revealed how his prog project This Oceanic Feeling was born in an exclusive Prog video.

The trio features acclaimed session drummer Ash Soan and veteran bassist Lee Pomeroy, and they’ll launch debut album Universal Mind on July 17.

The concept was inspired when Braide and Soan, who’d been members of The Producers with Trevor Horn, wanted to work together again.

Braide says: “I started writing songs last November about dualism – ego death and the fight between the fake self and the real self. These songs started pouring out so I got in touch with Ash.

“It started sounding like a band. We got Lee involved. He’s an amazing bass player who’s played with everybody worth playing with.”

He describes the results as “glossy pop with good production,” adding: “There are references to things like Yes’ 90125, these big shiny pop records. We were all influenced by that and wanted to make our own.”

Universal Mind is available for pre-order via Cherry Red and Amazon.


  1. Lie Detector

  2. Put Down The Gun

  3. Radio

  4. Logotherapy

  5. Universal Mind

  6. Intensive Care

  7. Wake Up

  8. I Play Debussy

  9. Johnny Tragic

  10. Karma Camera

  11. Season Of Light

  12. Finale