Carnifex slam Virgin Trains for using their material in advert

Scott Lewis of Carnifex
Scott Lewis of Carnifex
(Image: © Getty)

Californian deathcore outfit Carnifex have slammed Virgin Trains for including their music in their latest advert.

The video shows a woman thinking about how she’ll travel to a job interview. The ad switches between Spandau Ballet’s music while she’s imagining the journey by train, and Carnifex track Answers In Mourning – described as ‘thrash metal’ – to accompany her horrendous journey by car.

And Carnifex are not happy about Virgin’s decision to use their music without permission.

The band say on Twitter: “Love it when everyone makes money on our music except the people who wrote, recorded and performed it. Anyone else see this ad?”

They later tweeted: “This is the most ‘mainstream’ we’ll ever get and Virgin Trains has compared us to traffic, a flat tire and being arrested.”

Metal Hammer have reached out to the band’s PR for comment.

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