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Blink 182's Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian roleplay Sid and Nancy

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian
(Image credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

Sharing the crown with famed weed-personifying lovebirds Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly as one of modern culture’s hottest new couples, Blink 182's Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian have the internet transfixed by their unlikely courtship. As many gaze upon their public declarations of love with envious eyes in hope that one day they too might get to live out a pop-punk, leather jacket-laden love story, the newly-engaged pair has the world feeling both enthralled and er, a little queasy. 

In a new Instagram post, the couple have solidified their position as one of 2021's  coolest 'power couples' by dressing up as Sid and Nancy for an early Halloween bash. Although Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious' notoriously destructive relationship with Philadelphia-born Nancy Spungen wasn't the most Twilight-esque of love stories – Spungen was found dead with a single stab wound in 1978 in the bathroom of the couple’s New York hotel room, with Vicious subsequently charged with her murder, they were of course, totally punk rock. Vicious died of a heroin overdose on February  2, 1979 in New York.

To role play the doomed love birds, Blink-182’s drummer sported a black leather jacket, a spiky black wig and Sid's trademark padlock necklace, while Kardashian wore a see-through fishnet shirt and a curly blonde wig.

Check out their costume below:

We shall, of course, keep our eyes peeled for more rock stars dressing up as dead rock stars over the course of the upcoming Halloween weekend, and report accordingly.

Elizabeth Scarlett

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