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Bill Ward album in surprise launch

Ex Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has launched his album Accountable Beasts by surprise via iTunes.

The Bill Ward Band title was expected this year, but not so soon. The nine-track work is his first solo release in 18 years.

Earlier this month he said the title “Accountable Beasts” was “ironic” given his war of words with former Sabbath bandmate Ozzy Osbourne.

Ward reported he couldn’t consider a return for the band’s farewell project unless the singer apologised for statements made about his ability to take part. Osbourne responded by telling Ward to “stop playing the victim” but sent his love, leading the drummer to say: “I can’t love you back, Oz.”

Ward recently said of Accountable Beasts: “It’s much tougher. It kicks harder. We got pretty crazy on this one – it was like, ‘Fuck everything.’ I wanted to go to a place I really know well, and that’s playing hard.”

Referring to the unexpected launch, he said last night: “We realise the release may have surprised some of you. We’ll adjust and respond to all inquiries. We hope you’ll enjoy it.”

Ward is also planning the launch of a second solo album entitled Beyond Aston, which has been under production for several years.


  1. Leaf Killers

  2. Accountable Beasts

  3. Katastrophic World

  4. D.O.T.H.

  5. First Day Back

  6. As It Is In Heaven

  7. Ashes

  8. Straws

  9. The Wall Of Death

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