Ward tells Ozzy: ‘I can’t love you back’


Bill Ward seems to have closed the door on a return to Black Sabbath for their final album and tour – and he’s told Ozzy Osbourne: “I can’t love you back.”

It’s the latest round in a war of words that broke out earlier this week, when Ward announced he would only consider a reunion if Ozzy apologised for comments he made in 2012 about his ex-colleague’s health.

The drummer called on the singer to perform a “righting of wrongs” before the pair could become friends again.

Ozzy responded by refusing to apologise, adding: “Physically, you knew you were fucked. Stop playing the victim and be honest.”

Now Ward says via Facebook: “Hey Oz, it’s not going to work. I can see you. And I read your statement.

“Why did you stay in the studio working with me? Why did we go to England for rehearsals in August 2011? Why did we make the announcement of 11/11/11? Why did you call me in January 2012 asking me to continue rehearsals?

“Why, if you thought I was so unhealthy, did you continue with me at all? You know why, Oz – because I was fine. I was good to go.”

He says he only experienced health issues in 2013, and that the shoulder surgery he underwent that year was optional. He adds: “I’m not going to own a thing, other than I came into the studio overweight to tour, but not overweight to record.”

Replying to Ozzy’s assertion that Ward’s issues with his reunion contract had been a “smokescreen,” the drummer says: “Your anticipatory fear has got you by the balls.”

He continues: “I put my love for you somewhere safe inside my heart when your stories started showing up. It’s hard to love someone who thinks he’s telling the truth by making false claims, elitist comments and just plain rude statements.

“Stay safe old friend. Sad we couldn’t roll it out for the fans one more time.”