Barock Project to release live album Vivo in June

Barock Project
Barock Project

Barock Project will release their double live album Vivo on June 18.

It was recorded throughout the Italian prog outfit’s 2015 tour, and includes a cover of Los Endos by Genesis and the previously unreleased studio track My Silent Sea.

The band say: “We strongly believe in the energy that comes from the audience during our concerts – it’s a magical feedback which allows us to give our very best.

“Vivo has multiple meanings: we wish to give back to the listener the energy that the band produces on stage, and we want to celebrate our first decade of activity, 10 years since recording our very first album.

“Finally, Vivo is a milestone for our new lineup and the new musical direction we are taking.”

Vivo can be pre-ordered via their webstore.

Barock Project Vivo tracklist

  1. Back to you
  2. Coffee In Neukolln
  3. Save Your Soul Fool’s Epilogue
  4. Inside My Dreamer’s Eyes
  5. Un Altro Mondo
  6. Duellum
  7. Los Endos (Genesis cover)
  8. Overture
  9. Gold
  10. Roadkill
  11. Skyline
  12. The Silence Of Our Wake
  13. The Longest Sigh
  14. My Silent Sea (studio track)

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