Avenged Sevenfold hail Brooks Wackerman’s studio contribution

Brooks Wackerman
New hand: Wackerman in studio

Bassist Johnny Christ says Avenged Sevenfold took a “reverse process” approach to latest album The Stage, thanks to the arrival of new drummer Brooks Wackerman.

The record was sneak-released last month as the band made a point of exploring new ways to express themselves both onstage and off.

In the behind-the-scenes video above, Christ says: “Having Brooks when we were writing was great. A lot of the riffs would actually come off of beats and ideas he would bring to the table.”

He adds that writing became “more of jamming and playing off of each other, rather than coming up with parts and fine-tuning them – getting the feel of it first and then going back.

“It was kind of a reverse process from the album before.”

Earlier this month frontman M Shadows discussed the sneak-release decision, saying: “A lot of bands, you’re hearing what people are saying, and you’re hearing the vibe of the record before you even get to hear the music.

“That’s just wrong to me. I want people to make their own decision. Listen to the music and figure it out for yourself, instead of being fed the press release. It’s so boring at this point.”

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