Augusto: Trivium split 'not my decision'


Dismissed Trivium drummer Nick Augusto has confirmed it wasn't his choice to leave.

But he says he’ll always be grateful for the three and a half years he spent behind the kit, after he was promoted from being Travis Smith’s drum tech when the band fired him in 2010.

Trivium announced on Wednesday that Augusto’s own tech, Mat Madiro, would replace him for the rest of their current tour dates.

The fired sticksman says in a tweet: “Thank you so much to all the fans’ support throughout the years. This was not my decision – but eternally grateful.”

Confirming the lineup change had been made over the weekend, bassist Paolo Gregoletto said: “I believe we all agreed that what started out great off stage in the beginning, over time, began to fray. It became obvious that things were not going to work out in the long run.

“There was not a dramatic ending to this. Honestly, it was quite muted – and I am happy to have been able to speak directly and calmly to one another.”

Trivium are on the road to support sixth album Vengeance Falls, which was released last October. Their next show takes place on May 9 in the US and they play the Download festival on June 15. Bookings across Europe and North America continue until August 10.